Safe Reopening with Contact Monitoring


Mappedin is creating safer indoor spaces for staff and visitors during COVID-19 with an open source Contact Monitoring solution.

Mappedin's open source application consists of three components: 

  1. Mobile SDK
  2. Ingestion API
  3. Contact Monitoring Dashboard

These three parts bring together an end-to-end solution for contact monitoring, including infrastructure-free indoor positioning through our collaboration with Apple.



Access the Free Solution

This application and its components have been open sourced to encourage all venues, technology providers, and partners to incorporate contact monitoring into their strategy for safely reopening the built environment.

With privacy and data top of mind, this application allows each individual business to decide what data they require and how they will manage and maintain it. 

A Cohesive Solution


Below are the pieces that make up our open sourced Contact Monitoring solution and who owns each element.

Employees login to native app during shift

Venue or Mappedin

Device positioning collected while on-site


Spatial and temporal data detect contact events


Contact events logged in the dashboard


Notify device IDs after a contact event


Apple Positioning

Free Indoor Positioning


Mappedin leverages Apple's free IPS system to pull real-time positioning information, which is incorporated into our spatial and temporal analysis to identify contact events.

Accurate Indoor Mapping


Mappedin's Map Manager enables efficient management of location data. Edits are deployed in real time, ensuring your mapping applications are always up-to-date. 


Technical Documentation


Mobile SDK

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Ingestion API

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Learn more about our free open sourced contact monitoring software on our Technical Blog page. 

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