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Account Executive
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Mappedin, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, is a global leader in indoor mapping and spatial data management. Our solutions power billions of square feet of indoor space and millions of people visiting malls, stadiums, offices, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, warehouses, colleges and universities to name a few. Mappedin's cutting-edge technology optimizes indoor spaces, enhances user experiences, and strengthens public safety through user-friendly digital mapping. 


A complete mapping solution for your venue

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Seamless Wayfinding and Discovery

Visitors can navigate effortlessly from parking garages and through your venue leveraging landmarks on step-by-step directions that are optimized for desktop and mobile view.

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Seamless Integration

With a few lines of code, you can easily embed the web app into your website and deep-link to it from multiple touch-points. From a directory, use Mobile Pass to push directions to a mobile device.

Insights for your Business

Draw powerful insights from the usage of your maps to make informed decisions on your business. Understand information such as searches and top locations, all visualized on graphical dashboard.

Revenue Generation

Increase revenue opportunities by making stores and services more discoverable. Run and schedule ads on Mappedin Directory to maximize views during high visitor volumes.


Maps and navigation make places discoverable

Whether helping shoppers find stores, food, and services, Mappedin Web for malls increases the customer experience, using only a web browser on a mobile device—no app install required.



Provide a premium directory experience

Visitors either have a clear idea of what they want or are simply curious about what's out there. Mappedin Directory offers an immersive experience for users to effortlessly find and visualize directions to their desired destination.

For venue owners, providing maps to make their locations discoverable adds value. In addition, display ads can help generate additional revenue by showing relevant promotions during prime visiting hours.


Navigating your mall has never been easier 

Using indoor navigation at malls offers numerous advantages. It leads to a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience with modern and user-friendly maps. Up-to-date store information ensures visitors have the latest information at their fingertips, enhancing their experience.

Additionally, Mappedin provides valuable data and analytics, which can be used for optimizing operations and driving data-driven decisions.

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