Patients and visitors alike rely on intuitive and up-to-date maps to obtain valuable information and navigate complex healthcare facilities. Now, more than ever, it's important to have touchless solutions for visitors to find their way through hospitals, with as little stress as possible.

Digital indoor maps help users pre-plan their hospital visit and efficiently navigate while on-site, greatly reducing the chaos felt by these trips. Digital maps also reduce the amount of time that volunteers spend giving directions, freeing them up to provide other valuable services.

The Mappedin platform makes edits to your location data and venue maps simple, so staff and visitors can always rely on accurate updates. Re-purpose your indoor map for wayfinding, contact monitoring, asset tracking, compliance tracking, and much more.


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Benefits of Digital Hospital Maps

3D Interactive Maps

Pan, zoom, and rotate maps on all platforms for location context and maximum hospital discovery

Powerful Navigation

Browse category listings or search for your destination by keyword, department, and more

Real-Time Updates

Ensure your maps are always up-to-date and see edits reflected across all platforms in real-time

Accessibility Mode

Set accessibility mode as the default navigation for routes that prioritize elevators and ramps

Events & Promotions

Highlight events and promotions through the map to help hospital visitors access key information

Insights & Analytics

Gain a better understanding of how patients are wayfinding with the analytics dashboard and reports

Open Source Contact Monitoring Software


Mappedin is creating safer indoor spaces for staff and visitors during COVID-19 with an open source Contact Monitoring solution. This application and its components have been open sourced to encourage all venues, technology providers, and partners to incorporate contact monitoring into their strategy for safely reopening the built environment.


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Accessibility Mode


Accessibility mode is an important feature for maps of hospitals. When patients are provided multi-floor directions to arrive at their destination, accessibility mode will prioritize a path to use elevators and ramps, rather than stairs and escalators. On our Digital Directory solution, this also lowers important information and controls to help make the platform easy-to-use. Accessibility mode can be turned on by default for healthcare facilities.

Touchless Directions


Mappedin's touchless directions makes hospital wayfinding even more accessible. Showcase a QR code on the homepage of your Digital Directory or printed solutions so that patients and visitors can simply scan and take the digital map experience on-the-go without any contact.


Smart Search for Hospitals


Mappedin's indoor maps include AI-driven Smart Search. As users type in the search bar, predictive results appear and minimize the number of keystrokes needed to find a location. Patients arriving at the hospital often have varying degrees of information so Mappedin's solutions for healthcare allow them to search by doctor, department, procedure, and more.


Indoor Positioning


Turn-by-turn directions offer a powerful experience for wayfinding in hospitals and allow patients to see their precise location in a venue through the digital maps. This experience can leverage Mappedin's infrastructure-free indoor positioning with our Responsive Web App or can be enabled in combination with indoor positioning hardware through our Mapping SDKs.


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One Map, Everywhere


Provide a consistent mapping experience across all platforms and improve the user experience for patients, visitors, and staff. Mappedin's indoor mapping platform supports wayfinding, asset tracking, compliance tracking, and much more. Enable powerful digital wayfinding in your hospital across web, mobile, and directory devices.

Simple Map Management


Maintain all of your venue maps and location data in the Mappedin CMS to ensure that patients and staff are provided with the most up-to-date information. The easy-to-use Map Editor tools make it simple to update the appearance of the map, create pop-up locations and events, add custom fields and categories, close down specifics areas or hallways and more, all to help people find their way when timing is so important.


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