Mappedin’s Digital Directory software allows users to discover more of a venue with interactive zoom and rotate controls and predictive Smart Search. Pre-built with categories, amenities, and robust search functionality, Mappedin's digital wayfinding signage helps users easily locate their destination. 


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Key Features of Digital Wayfinding

3D Interactive Maps

Pan, zoom, and rotate the maps for maximum discovery

Powerful Navigation

Add search and category listings to your digital building directory

Real-Time Updates

See map and location edits reflected across all platforms in real-time

Customizable Branding

Customize your digital wayfinding signage to match your brand aesthetics

Insights & Analytics

Gain a better understanding of visitors through the analytics dashboard

Constantly Evolving

The Mappedin platforms are continually adapting to guide you and your customers

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Digital Directory Smart Search


Mappedin's Digital Directories come equipped with Smart Search so that as users type, predictive results appear and minimize the number of keystrokes needed to find a location. Users can search by location, category, brand, and more. Our Smart Search feature is continually improving and is a perfect compliment to help users better discover your venue through digital signage.

Deals and Events


Highlight venue events and promotions on the start screen of your Digital Directories. Through integrations with advertising partners and dedicated content placements, your digital wayfinding signage can showcase dynamic ads, events, and promotions along with your digital venue map.


Mobile Pass


Users can send directions from the Digital Directory to their mobile phones by text or with a QR code, allowing them to take the digital map experience on-the-go. Mappedin's touchless directions showcase the QR code on your directory homepage, eliminating the need for contact with the touchscreen.

Accessibility Mode


When accessibility mode is turned on, the directory software lowers important information and controls, making them easier to access. When directions require a multi-floor route, accessibility mode will prioritize a path using elevators and ramps, rather than stairs and escalators. 


Directory Insights & Analytics


Gain a better understanding of your visitors and capture valuable insights on their interactions with your venue and its digital signage software. Monitor search intent, track missed searches, review top categories, and more. Visual reports and raw data can be viewed directly in Mappedin's Analytics Dashboard or exported for your review. 

Offline Mode


Our Digital Directory is fully functional while offline, ensuring that visitors can find what they're looking for even without a connection. Once connected, the Digital Directory will pull any updates from the Mappedin CMS. 


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Digital Directory Customer Showcase


Mappedin's Digital Directory software is used across 700 screens in 250 properties around the world.
With an average of 1.6 million searches per month, more users are able to locate their destination than ever before. 

Product 101: Digital Directory

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Check out our Product 101: Digital Directory blog to learn more about Mappedin's digital wayfinding software, its features, and the benefits to both customers and users. 


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Digital Directory Software FAQ 


Can Mappedin's directory software work with any type of touchscreen hardware? 

Yes, Mappedin's Digital Directory software is hardware agnostic and works with a variety of types, regardless of orientation, screen size, or resolution. 


Does Mappedin sell the touchscreen hardware? 

No, we only sell the software piece of the Digital Directory experience but we are happy to recommend one of our preferred partners to make your purchasing process seamless. 


Can our directory display other digital signage in addition to the map?

Yes, Mappedin's Digital Directory covers all experiential content needs. You can tap into existing advertising workflows or leverage our content tools. We have a full integration with the Broadsign ad stack and would be happy to work with whoever your advertising provider is.


What happens if the Digital Directory system loses a connection and goes offline?

Mappedin's directory signage does not rely on a connection and is fully functional while offline. When the directory is reconnected, it will sync any updates made to the map. 


What happens if there is a directory issue? 

Mappedin has automated monitoring of your directory and provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring our team can address any software issues and quickly have your digital map up and running. 


Can the Digital Directory be used in different languages?

Yes, Mappedin's products have been deployed globally and we strive to support as many languages as possible. If we don't currently support a language you need, we will add it. 


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