The Mappedin platform enables our customers to display their indoor maps in a variety of ways, from large interactive displays or handheld devices to exports for additional uses. Our GeoJSON based format provides customers with the geometry and location data associated with a venue that is connected directly to The Mappedin CMS. This format is IMDF compatible and includes nodes and paths, allowing you to easily build powerful wayfinding experiences.





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How Does Apple Display Indoor Maps?


Mappedin has worked with Apple to pass highly accurate Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) exports. By uploading an IMDF file for your property to Apple Business Register, Apple is able to pull that map into the Maps app for anyone to use. This feature allows users to seamlessly navigate between outdoor and indoor maps across a variety of spaces including shopping malls, stadiums, airports, and more.

Benefits of IMDF with Mappedin

3D Interactive Maps

Pan, zoom, and rotate the maps for maximum discovery of your venue

Powerful Wayfinding

Showcase your maps across a variety of platforms, including the Apple Maps platform

Indoor Positioning

Enable blue dot navigation and turn-by-turn directions without additional hardware

Map Management

Keep your maps up-to-date for visitors with Mappedin's Map Editor

Real-Time Updates

See map and location edits reflected across all platforms in real-time

Insights & Analytics

Gain a better understanding of visitors through the Mappedin Analytics Dashboard

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Mappedin blue dot positioning on mobile

Blue Dot Positioning


Together, Mappedin and Apple are able to provide indoor positioning experiences without additional and expensive hardware. Mappedin uses the IMDF file of your venue and Apple's Indoor Survey app to generate turn-by-turn navigation. With Mappedin's Responsive Web App, visitors can use this experience directly through a browser.

IMDF for Mobile Applications


If you're looking to integrate your venue map with an existing app or build a mobile navigation experience from scratch, Mappedin can help render your indoor map in 3D and add important wayfinding components. Both options are supported by the Mappedin CMS so you can ensure your venue maps are always up-to-date.

Los Cerritos Shopping Center on Apple Maps

Appear Indoors on Apple Maps

In addition to showcasing your property maps across mobile, web, and touchscreen kiosks, Mappedin can send your venue data to Apple. As an additional or standalone touchpoint, your visitors will be able to navigate through the Apple Maps application.

Powerful Indoor Map Maintenance


The Mappedin CMS is the foundational layer for all digital indoor mapping experiences. As a source of truth for your venue maps, the Map Editor creates collaboration and helps to ensure that your location data and indoor maps are always up-to-date. Any edits you make to your map will be reflected across all platforms.


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Check out our Product 101: IMDF Export blog to learn more about Mappedin's GeoJSON based format that unlocks infrastructure-free indoor positioning, robust 3D renderers, and more.

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Mappedin IMDF Customer Showcase


Macerich shopping mall Los Cerritos Center is now on Apple Maps and has blue dot enabled with wayfinding on their website. This experience is all powered by Mappedin.

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