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Guide your passengers, drive your business

From parking lots to gates and every step of the way, best-in-class mapping
guides passengers, improves operations,
and creates revenue opportunities.

A Complete Solution for your Airport

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Intuitive for Passengers

Elegant, easy-to-read, cross-platform experience that guides the passenger from parking to gate with integrated real-time data for parking availability, flight status, airline check-in positions, checkpoint wait times, and shuttle locations. Airport staff can guide passengers easily with interactive maps.

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Airport Manager

Control the flow of passengers by closing or opening security checkpoints and elevators from a mobile device. Ensure that passengers are routed efficiently and without frustration.

Drive your Airport Business

Support the business of your airport with e-commerce links. Show passengers concessions and services within walking distance of their gate. Use QR codes and routes to guide customers. Understand trends and usage through detailed analytics. Use an API to extract activity and use MS Power BI to visualize data.

Real-time Flight Integrations

Passengers can search by flight number, airline, or destination city to locate their departure or arrival gate. Security and customs wait times are integrated with directions and provide passengers with a holistic understanding of their journey from entrance to gate.

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Mapping solutions for modern airports

Whether helping passengers find gates, food, and services, or providing real-time flight information, Mappedin Airports improves the travel experience and passenger journey. From mobile to kiosk, airport information and maps can be customized to provide passengers with wayfinding, drive non-aeronautical revenue, and deliver a smooth travel experience.

Mappedin Flight Information
Mappedin Walking Directions

Enhancing your airport has never been easier 

Using navigation systems at airports offers numerous advantages. It leads to a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience with modern and user-friendly maps. Landmark directions make navigation intuitive and easy. Real-time updates and flight information ensure passengers have the latest information at their fingertips.

Additionally, these systems provide valuable data and analytics, which can be used for optimizing airport operations and improving the overall passenger experience.

Meet Yuval Kossovsky


Yuval Kossovsky
Managing Director, Transportation
Cell/WhatsApp: +1 (646) 209-2648

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Yuval Kossovsky brings three decades of expertise in program and product management. He spent the last decade in the nascent indoor mapping space, developing the enterprise indoor mapping program for Apple and driving the global adoption of IMDF as an exchange standard for venue maps. Over the last 15 years, he has worked with the aviation community, most notably as an early contributor to the Apple iPad as EFB for airlines program and indoor maps for airports with Apple Maps. He joined Mappedin to build the Airport Mapping practice as a direct and partner business focused on three areas: Passenger Wayfinding, Operations and Asset Tracking, and Safety. How can Mappedin help you?

About Mappedin

Mappedin is a global leader in indoor mapping and location technology that guides millions of people with state-of-the-art wayfinding solutions across billions of square feet of indoor space. Mappedin provides industry-leading digital wayfinding solutions to enterprises, developers, and individuals across markets and diverse use cases. We are helping airports, workplaces, stadiums, malls, campuses, and more to drive revenue, increase operational efficiency, and improve location discoverability and safety. From easy-to-use mapmaking tools to complete custom solutions, we are setting the standard for how indoor maps are created and experienced.


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